Dental Implants consist the most reliable and cutting-edge treatment for the lost or condemned teeth, which is based on long-term researches and studies. They are made of titanium (biocombatible with the human organism) and have a shape like the roots of the teeth. Restoration of teeth with dental implants includes 2 stages, the surgical placement and the stage of prosthetic restoration. After the surgical placement there is a healing period (2-6 months) called osseointegration. If the right surgical placement protocol if followed there is a success rate of more than 95%.

The last years it has become very popular the immediate loading of dental implants. This means that the patient can have temporary teeth in a day or permanent teeth in 7-10 days (fixed prosthetic appliance on dental implants). Important factors in order to have perfect results is the good diagnosis, the correct programming of the case and the skills of the dentist. Every case is analyzed separately and if the proper condition is present, like the proper quantity and quality of jaw bone, the satisfactory number and size of dental implants and absence of inflammation then immediate loading can happen.

The aim of immediate loading is to preserve the volume of the oral tissues (jaw bone and gums) in case of extraction and immediate placement of dental implants, by avoiding the process of healing and bone resorption at the same time. Other advantages include, the reduction in the number of surgeries and the immediate placement of the fixed prosthetic restoration, solving in this way immediately the esthetic issues of the missing teeth.

Immediate loading of dental implants is a safe and predictable procedure that does not affect osseointegration and has high a success rate of over 95%. The treatment becomes simple and for this reason it is popular especially in young patients.