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Laser Applications

Laser Applications

Dental Laser consists of an essential tool for a modern Dentist (only 5% owns a dental laser) and it has been prooved that it upgrades the clinical practice. It is a device that produces a photon beam and it can be used in all fields of Dentistry.

Dental Laser can be used:

- Cosmetic Dentistry (teeth whitening wtih Laser)

- Periodontology (treatment of periodontitis with laser)

- Gum surgery (gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, frelulectomy, epoulis removal)

- Endodontics (disinfection of the root canals)

- Therapy of herpes and ulcers in mouth

- Operative Dentistry


It is a truly a great improvement in the field of Dentistry and it can be used with absolute safety.


Advantages of Dental Laser:

- Because of its biostimulation effect healing is much faster than the other classic methods

- There is no pain before and after surgery

- Due to its antibacterial effect there is absolute sterilization at the areas that its used

- There is no bleeding at gum surgery (immediate hemostasis)


Disadvantages of Dental Laser:

- It cannot replace the dental handpiece but only in some cases selectively. For example teeth cannot be prepared for crowns and cannot remove the black amalgam filling to replace it with esthetic filling (composite).

Laser treatments Before and After

Teeth whitening with Laser Before and After