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Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover


A lot of people have problems with their teeth like broken teeth, teeth with caries, teeth that are missing, that negatively affect their appearance. Nowadays everyone deserves a healthy and beautiful smile. A beautiful smile reinforces our self-satisfaction, increases our chances for success by showing self-confidence and skill and inspires people around us by sending positive aura.

For patients with serious dental problems, smile makeover is the best way to regain a beautiful smile. Smile makeover means the total resconstruction of the esthetics and health of all the teeth of the upper or the lower jaw, or both.

Reasons for a patient to do total reconstruction of his teeth are :

- Destroyed teeth from caries

- Teeth with bad esthetics (crooked teeth, dark teeth, diastemas between teeth)

- Teeth that are missing

- Teeth with bad occlusion

- Teeth with attrition and/or abrasion

- Hypoplastic teeth

The procedure starts by taking medical and dental history of the patient. Then a full examination is done both intra- and extraorally. After a discussion about the patient's expectations a plan is made. The restoration plan can include dental implants, crowns, fixed bridges,veneers, extractions, fillings and other dental work to restore the esthetics and health of the teeth  totally.

Before and After photos